1. POZ Showcase: The Interstate



    Cranking out dance-worthy pop rock with a strong early-2000s vibe is The Interstate. With almost-spoken vocals that bear resemblance to Max Bemis’ early work, bouncing guitars, and just a touch of synth, this CT/NY duo will have you on your feet in no time. You can check out The Interstate’s latest single Love (In A Crowded Room) streaming below.

    For Fans Of: Harvey Danger, Say Anything [old school], Fall Out Boy
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    by Ashley Aron

    Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.
    Ed Markel and Alanna Carey. Alanna plays drums, Ed sings (and plays everything on recordings). We play with other people occasionally but we’re currently looking for other permanent members!
    What’s your hometown (or what are your hometowns)?
    We’re from the neighboring towns of Danbury, CT, and Mahopac, NY, but we’re moving out of this area/region very soon.
    How did the band come together? How long has it been?
    We’ve been a serious band for about a year. Before that, Ed spent about five or six years struggling to put something together, which has proven very difficult in this area as no one really has ambitions. We met through a mutual friend with whom Ed was in a band at the time.
     How have you grown since you started?
    We’re introverts by nature but have had to extend ourselves a lot in order to even get started in the direction we wanna go. We’ve learned a lot about how things “have” to be done––there are certain ways you have to do things in order for people to take notice. We also learned the entire recording process ourselves.

    What sets you apart from other bands?
    Lyrics, music, ambition, stage presence. We like to do things differently. And we don’t have the same sense of humor that all other musicians seem to have. Also, we are really doing everything ourselves, we’ve had to work for every little thing we have and don’t have anyone supporting us financially.
    What’s the best part about being in your band?
    We want the same things, get along outstandingly well, make decisions together, and no one is overbearing/tyrannical.

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  2. The idea of distinguishing yourself from other bands is obviously something that any band would want to do, but I think that really we got that idea from just having played our songs a million times each and what can we do to make this a little more exciting.

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  5. The Interstate - Love (In A Crowded Room)

    (hey, we put this on youtube)


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    If I was famous I would follow a bunch of my fans on twitter and reply to their random tweets or send them a stupid selfie if they were having a bad day man I’d be the best celebrity ever people make me famous

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    I mean seriously, why can’t one of the musicians I like randomly stumble on my music, like it, and ask me to tour with them already. I’m free whenever guys.


  9. french-punk said: Hey guys, Thanks for the suggestion, Can't wait to see what comes out!

    Thanks to you too! We’re very excited to release s’more stuff.


  10. Are there any lady guitarists out there who wanna play with us?