2. frankieno:

    that one time Franks mohawk was in mohawk form

    Where does one acquire people who are willing to look this cool

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  3. i want someone provocative and talkative.

    (cute is what we look like) (hi, we’re a band, check out our music)


  4. theinterstaterock:

    The Interstate - Love (In A Crowded Room)

    can’t believe this is close to a year old!!


  5. vedderofficial:

    bass intros are the best things in life

    *gets seriously excited about releasing our stuff that contains bass intros (and bass solos!!!)*

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  6. we have exciting things coming but everything takes an eon to come to fruition.


  7. mrbriancomputer:

    So my band put out our EP today…

    Please do check these guys out. They’re so good and so, so worth listening to. ♥♥♥

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  8. theinterstaterock:

    for special unfinished demos n stuffs!


  9. for special unfinished demos n stuffs!


  10. propertyofzack:


    Cranking out dance-worthy pop rock with a strong early-2000s vibe is The Interstate. With almost-spoken vocals that bear resemblance to Max Bemis’ early work, bouncing guitars, and just a touch of synth, this CT/NY duo will have you on your feet in no time. You can…