1. The idea of distinguishing yourself from other bands is obviously something that any band would want to do, but I think that really we got that idea from just having played our songs a million times each and what can we do to make this a little more exciting.

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  2. girlseatgirls:

    just come over and we’ll watch netflix or make a sex tape idk we’ll see what happens 

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  4. The Interstate - Love (In A Crowded Room)

    (hey, we put this on youtube)


  5. Some are aliens, the rest are spies
    But only cream and bastards rise!


  6. angelwithasquirtgun:

    If I was famous I would follow a bunch of my fans on twitter and reply to their random tweets or send them a stupid selfie if they were having a bad day man I’d be the best celebrity ever people make me famous

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  7. fond-farewell:

    I mean seriously, why can’t one of the musicians I like randomly stumble on my music, like it, and ask me to tour with them already. I’m free whenever guys.


  8. french-punk said: Hey guys, Thanks for the suggestion, Can't wait to see what comes out!

    Thanks to you too! We’re very excited to release s’more stuff.


  9. Are there any lady guitarists out there who wanna play with us?


  10. geminiofthemeteor said: I didn't even realize you were all females D: you all rock! Not that that has anything to do with it it.. Haha I only listened to the music on here. Sorry

    Thanks! Although I (ed, the singer) am actually male! But thanks for listening, period! Stay tuned, lots more comin’!